Sunday, November 3, 2013

So NaNoWriMo started...

...And these are my first 1,667 words. And yeas, that' smeans you don't get the end o what she says. Sorry ;) Also, no, I ddn't bother to clean up my spelling for this. Because it's nanowrimo,a dn who cares about spelling anf grammer. at least you didn't get my plotting in this section :D

Nanowrimo 2013: Basic Idenitfication

Chapter I: the missing P.I.

It was not the first time Janiya [Lambert] had been followed. The crows, for one, aslways seemed to be following her. She couldn’t fo anything out of their sight. No, this was th efirrst time she4’d bren followed by humans. Normally, thye weren’t hired, it wazs muc to dangerous for the fragility of their lives. Though these had been doing pretty good so far. They had’t gotten lost, eaten, burned, or even caught. Of course, they weren’t really following Janiya, so it was nowhere near a s dangerous.
Janiy sat back in her chair, staring at the multiple screens surrounding her, filled with images of the Here humans dressed like 50’t detectives, following her double. She retyed her ponytail, smiling at the ridiculousness of it. 50’S detectives? It was like they were at a party. They were supposed to be profesionals, and yet they were slinking behind ‘Janiya” in trench coats, fedora’s, and aviators. Janiya tapped a command into the keyboard on her armrest, and the screen to her left went blue, computer code running in white across the screen. She squinted at it for a moment, then typed a few more keys,. The figure on the sreen stopped suddenly, and turned into a shop. Janiya smiled, watching as the trio of ‘p.i.’s’ followed her double.
At 5”9’, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and a oval face, Cristian Olsen had been the perfect choice as a double. All she needed was to dye the last two inches of her hair a neoon colours (currently blue) and she was the spitting image. As she hailed from the same world as Janiya, teaching her how to act, what to do, or where to frequent was no hard task. And it seemed to have fooled everyone it needed to fool.
Janiya scratched her nose and reached for her root beer on the sidebar. She took a sip as a voice came through some speackers, swallowing quickly and plugging her headset in one-handed, setting the coke down.
“They are still following. Why this shop?”
Janiya pressed a button on the keyboard.
“Well duh they’re still following. Ah, it was close. Also, how many people would follow us into a wolf bar?” Janiya typed out a series of commands on the keyboard, bringing up the bars CTV feeds. Cristian was making her way to the bar, the trio taking a table, trying not to look as though they were watching her.
“The wolves are nice. If you’re nice.’
Janiya chuyckled at Cristian’s tone.“Don’t sound so resigned. I’m sure Adrian will come to his senses soon.”
“A fireockle cotcktale please,’ said Cristian, and Janiya watched her as she ordered the drink.
“Or he’ll convert you,” said janiya, waiting for the moment when Cristian had first taken a sip of her drink. Coughing and chocking came through the headset, and she took the headphones off until the coughing fit supsided.
“Fuck you,’ said Cristian under her breath.
Janiya laughed. “Thanks. Now, uit talking to me so much, you’ll either look half mad or like your talking to a bugger.” She navigated through the different feeds from the bar, finally settling on one that showed the three P.I.’s clearly. They were talking with eachother, and they wave away the watress when she came oer to their table.
“Oh, yeah, real descreet guys,” muttered Janiya under her breath. She typed out a messege to Cristian: theres a back door, to your left. Alley, then boatyard. Lose them.
She hit send, and then took another sip of root beer, pulling her headset down around her neck. Onscreen, Cristian finished her drink, and started to make her way through the crowded dance floor. The P.I.’s got up, and followed her. Janiya pulled up the alley nehind the bars CTV footage on a nother scrrenn, watching Cristian appear, stepping around the puddles of oil and water. She disappeared from view, and janiya waited for the P. I.’s. They appeared, splashing their way down the allyey. Janiya replaced the wolves bar secutiy cameras with an empty boatyard, small waves splashing up aginst the boats. The detectives disappeared from view, and after a moment, Cristian appeared on the boatyard camera, walking quickluy, hands dug into her coat puckets.
“I don’t envy you right now, it must be freezing,”: she said, hitting a few keys and bringing the walkie-talkies back up. Cristian didn’t answer. “Chris? What’s up?” Janiy hit a few more keys. Nothing happened. “That’s odd.” Janiya frowned, sitting up and opening up the code again, typing frantically, but the coms weren’t working. Cristiina was getting gclose and closer to the camera. It wa the only camera in the entire yard, and it was placed at a a rather stupid level. It was meant to make sure no one stole any of tehthing from the booths during the day when the market was gong on, and so or janiays surveying prpsoed, it was nearly useless. Nw Janiya could only see Cristians legs; she was standing right next to the camera. She shifted to the left, and Janiya could see two more pairs of legs behind her, covered by trench coats. Two.
Janiya squinted, blowing up the picture. Yes, it was definatly two. Then where the hell was the third P.I.? She checked the other CTV, but he wasn’t there. She tried the coms again, but nothing, not even static. Cristian and the detecitvs seemed to be talking; at the very least they weren’t moving nearer or farther away from each other. Janiya drummed her fingers on the keyboard, trying to think wha could be happening. Her eyes widened.
“No way,’ she breathed, stting up and searching through a different code this time, totally different from before. “You son of a bitch,”  she said, spotting and pausing the code. The code looked garbled, because that was exactly what had happened. Someone had hacked into her server, and garbled it, effectively cutting her off from her double.
{it was the missing pi..or was it. Still doesn’t explain where the hell he went, and they dint’ seem wuite s expert. She can’t change, but can only wiat for the scen to unfolde, Cristian, leaves,a dn the detecives leave. Wtf}
Janiya let out a fraustrated sound, but she  coul only sit back and watch. “What is so interesting that you didin’t lose hem?” shew wondered aloud, but thre was noeone to asnwere her. She tapped on the keyboard, bringing up feeds form cameras all around the bar, and te boartyard, but the other P. I. wasn’t there. Where was he? He couldn’t have hacked inot her, could he/ But if so, where did he do it from? Janiya set a trace going on from where the hacker was from. She’d find the bastard. And still Cristian was talking to the detectives. They didn’t have guns on her, Janiya could see their hands still in their pockets. A screen to her right lit up bright green; the results from her trace. Janiya sat up, fingers splayed on keyboard. Her face, green form the monitor, showed shock. “What in the-?”


Cristian typed a code inot a small pad, and pushed te door open, slipping in quickly so as to not let light out. She shut it seculy behind her, and then let her coat drop from her shoulders and fall to the floor, kicking it to the side o the small room she was in, towards the rack for hanging coats. She cracked her neck, walkiing through the doorway ahead of her and into a big room, one half of which was computer momnitors, most showing something or the other; very few completely black.
“Hey,” called Janiya, looking over her shoulder for a moment before returning to a screen in ffront of her.
“Fucking hey. Where the fuck di you go? And in that situtation!” spat out Cristian, pulling her tiny spherephone out of her ear, an peeling way the wires, which shimmered for a moment between her skin colour and then turned black.
“what situtation? I couldn’t hear anything,’ said Janiya, typing like mad.
“What do you mean, you couldn’t’ hear anything? You heard me fine in the fucking bar,” said Cristian, unhooking the wire from the bak of her neck, and unclipping the microphone off of her bra strap.
“Someone hacked me,” said Janiya through her teeth. Cristian looked at her in surprise. “Stop looking at me like that,” siad  Janiya without turning her head.
“Like what?” said Cristian, dropping her wire onto a table between the two couches in the center of the room.
“Just, don’t be so surprised, there are smarter people then I out there,” Said Janiya, reading scrolling code.
“Never thought I’d hear you say that?” said Cristian, coming up behind her to watch the screen with several CTV feeds on it.
‘I’ glad I’ve cheered you up,” said Janiya.
“Oh, I’m still pretty fucking pissed off,” said Cristian, pointing to one of the feeds. “What’s that?”
Janiya brought it up to fill the entire screen. “Where?” she asked. “This?” She magnified one corner o the screen, a mostly in shadow empty street. “yeah, look, there’s someone,’ siad Cristian. Woever or whatever the person was, it wasn’t moving. “Stupid place to take a nap,” said Cristian.
“Speaking of which,” said Janiya, “What happened to the third p.i.? did he go and take a nap?” Cristian looked at her in surprise. “What are you talking about? He was tsanding right there the entire time.”
“No he wasn’t,” said Janiya. “He just disapeared between the alley and the boatyard, right aroudn the time I lost ocntact with you.”
“he was standing right in front of me,” said Cristian. ‘look bring up the CTV if you don’t bleive.’
“But I was watchign the CTV. He wasn’t there. How could you see him, but not me?” mused Janiya. She rbrought up the video eed, rewinding to twenty minuttes ago. “But that’s not fucking--

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