Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Month of May: What was missed

Hello guys :)
 Quite a few things have happened, and I'd like to start getting all caught up on this blog.
But first, I'd like to say a big hello and thank you to Liz, who commented on my Erte, Franklin, and sewing blog post. You are my first commentor, other then a bff and my mom...so thanks so much!!! :)

Okay, down to business. May was a crazy month for me; not only was I finishing up my film class/film, I was also preparing to dance in The Jungle Book, which meant every day rehearsals for several weeks, and two weekends of performances!

But I finished my film on time, Into The Woods, and it's up on YouTube right now! With extras coming soon hopefully (if I get my butt in gear). Please go check it out and let me know what you think, it was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work to get it done. Into The Woods Film

The Jungle Book went well...we had five performances this year, which is more then we've ever had. By the end of it we were all happy to go home, and not to have to remember any dances anymore.

 I played Baloo the Bear, and it was such a fun part. I also got to dance with a lot of my ballet mates that I don't necessarily get to dance together with, and they are all so talented. It was really awesome.

photo by Zoe
I don't have any pictures of me in my costume (somehow I never got those) but I've got awesome pics of everyone else (Note: I've tried to giver credit when a picture is not mine...not very well (i'm sorry Zoe, I cannot figure out your last name!).

The role of Mowgli was shared by two boys, Owen and Quinn.
Quinn as Mowgli (photo by Zoe)
Owen as Mowgli (photo by Zoe)
They both did great, and as Baloo, I got to dance with them both a lot. I'm super proud of them.

We had a lot of cool stuff this performance, not to mention the costumes! Everything was great!

Larrysa as Kaa the Snake (photo by Zoe)

An Antelope lounging around, while Wolf Cubs practice
 in the den behind their Mother Wolf
I seriously cannot begin to describe the awesome-sauce that was this years performance.

One of the Storytellers jumping during rehearsal

Mary as the Water Goddess

photo by Nathan Pellerin

Also, there were a lot of rumors about what we would do next year (as there always are)....

Would anyone care for a snozzberry?