Monday, December 9, 2013

Once Upon A Time.....and Medusa

WARNING: Spoilers for last nights (December 8th) OUAT episode. Don't read if you haven't watched it yet (though, really, it's not very bad) and if you haven't seen it, GO CATCH UP!

Okay, so I had a problem with last nights episode. Really, just a detail, but it was a cop out and plot hole to skip it. 

So we have Medusa. Know who she is, look into her eyes, you turn to stone. The only way to reverse it is to kill her. Easy enough there. Charming gets turned to stone, Snow comes up with the idea to use a shield as a mirror, and Medusa is turned to stone, Charming comes back to life. 

My problem is: why did only Charming come back? Technically, so should have Medusa. She killed herself, she turned herself into stone, and therefore, she was a victim, just like Charming. "All victims of Medusa come back to life if she is killed". 

Now, maybe you're saying that your not actually dead when you are turned to stone? If that is the case, then why did Charming come back to life at all if Medusa wasn't dead?

It's something that's bothering my head. Of course, that is how she is defeated in the original myth, but I'm pretty sure that her head is then cut off. 

So I guess the main thing is, I wished there had been a shot of Medusa coming back to life. Or maybe them cutting off her head to be sure. 

What's in your guys heads?