Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Month of May: What was missed

Hello guys :)
 Quite a few things have happened, and I'd like to start getting all caught up on this blog.
But first, I'd like to say a big hello and thank you to Liz, who commented on my Erte, Franklin, and sewing blog post. You are my first commentor, other then a bff and my mom...so thanks so much!!! :)

Okay, down to business. May was a crazy month for me; not only was I finishing up my film class/film, I was also preparing to dance in The Jungle Book, which meant every day rehearsals for several weeks, and two weekends of performances!

But I finished my film on time, Into The Woods, and it's up on YouTube right now! With extras coming soon hopefully (if I get my butt in gear). Please go check it out and let me know what you think, it was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work to get it done. Into The Woods Film

The Jungle Book went well...we had five performances this year, which is more then we've ever had. By the end of it we were all happy to go home, and not to have to remember any dances anymore.

 I played Baloo the Bear, and it was such a fun part. I also got to dance with a lot of my ballet mates that I don't necessarily get to dance together with, and they are all so talented. It was really awesome.

photo by Zoe
I don't have any pictures of me in my costume (somehow I never got those) but I've got awesome pics of everyone else (Note: I've tried to giver credit when a picture is not mine...not very well (i'm sorry Zoe, I cannot figure out your last name!).

The role of Mowgli was shared by two boys, Owen and Quinn.
Quinn as Mowgli (photo by Zoe)
Owen as Mowgli (photo by Zoe)
They both did great, and as Baloo, I got to dance with them both a lot. I'm super proud of them.

We had a lot of cool stuff this performance, not to mention the costumes! Everything was great!

Larrysa as Kaa the Snake (photo by Zoe)

An Antelope lounging around, while Wolf Cubs practice
 in the den behind their Mother Wolf
I seriously cannot begin to describe the awesome-sauce that was this years performance.

One of the Storytellers jumping during rehearsal

Mary as the Water Goddess

photo by Nathan Pellerin

Also, there were a lot of rumors about what we would do next year (as there always are)....

Would anyone care for a snozzberry?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Late, and without the pizza

So, not actually pizza, but I don't have any pics for you. I have one, that is on my camera still, but it's just a fun picture, because we have to reshoot.

Not the end of the world (in fact, I'm pretty ok about it, i know what i want more now), but basically what happened is a haircut, and now the main character looks different. Oh well. Today what i need to work on is to work out the schedule, because it's the 12th and i really only have April to film this.

We can do this, i can do this, and my actors and crew can as well.

So what i need to have figure out by next Saturday (at the latest) is what we are filming and when and where, how i will direct/shoot it, what gear we need, and i need to choreograph a big fight scene, as well as probably schedule rehearsals.

I can do this.

Anyway, what i did today was miss the class i was supposed to help teach because of a mix up on when spring break was. But i made it to my other class, and afterwards we had Company and Character pictures for ballet. Company was mainly headshots, because we all get one and a bio in the end of year performances program, and then the Character pictures were us all in costume for The Jungle Book. It's going to be very fun, we are all looking forward to this years performances. (and are they coming up! Opening night is May 17-18 <one of those days, anyway>)

That's it for now! Adiu!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Short films

Hello all!

Things have been getting busy for me (though that statement is laughable when I think about what it will be like in a month).

Ballet rehearsals for The Jungle Book have been going on. We aren't to the point of extra rehearsals yet, although we have added a hour and a half one on Saturdays. Once May hits however, a lot of dancing will be happening :)

My film class has been very fun, although occasionally frustrating. We have started working on our final assignments, a film project. It can be whatever we want, it's just a chance to use what we've learned. One of my classmates is making a music video, one is making a promotional video for their parents store, and one is continuing to work on something they have been working on. That's just a few samplings.

What I'm doing is a short film. Currently it's called Into the Woods, and it's going to be 10-20 minutes. I've been in pre-production for the past few weeks, and on Saturday we met to work on costumes and run some rehearsals. There are three main actors, playing Trinity, her roommate Kate, and the bad guy Leo.

We are starting shooting tomorrow! We are going to be at a park, in the wind, with water around our ankles, but it's not a big scene, mainly just a lot of shots of Trinity walking through the woods. We'll just be a bit chilly.

We are planning on taking promotional pictures while we are filming, so I'll have some for you after tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Begining of the Year Clean-Up

So a lot of these pictures are from a year or more ago....i was going to make a craft post about them, but never did, and they have been languishing in my pictures file ever since. I figure, hey, put them out now, then they will be out and up on the blog (FINALLY) and I won't have to keep them on my limited space laptop.(i want these photos, they just aren't ones i use or look at a lot, and i don't have room for pics like that. so, onto the internet they go!)

i made this book for my friend for her birthday a few years ago

this is from a tutorial from Flamingo Toes

i made a few of these....so much fun, and so pretty! this is from 100 Layer Cake

Not sure where i got this, but it was pretty simple: strip of paper, cut lines almost to the end, and then curl them, and wrap around wire.

This is from a tutorial from Karen Kavett. So much fun! this one was for one of my dance teachers.

I tried to spell out my name. D I T A....

Never made the 't' however.....so the other three letters are hidden away on a box I believe

I didn't make this,  but way cool, right?

So i have a collection of wine corks, and i didn't know what to make out of them. A few years ago, found something that inspired me to paint them and make ornaments!

Mrs. Claus

Penguins....made a few of these!

This was going to be a snowman, but i mesed up the dots and then they smeared so i added some more and smeared them and voila! Creepy skeleton

And here's a snowman

I can't find the link for this, but this and all the other card crafts are from a sleepover

It's a Bowtie!

And a notebook!

This is my Ravenclaw Christmas ball

Before the penguins got finished

Not sure what happened to this....I don't have it, adn i don't have any pics of it finished, nor do i remember giving it away. Hmm.

OOH! This was so much fun. i saw something, and i wanted one of my own. So I took way to long to make these (they are a bit time consuming, but worth it!)

I'd totally make these again though if someone wanted a tutorial.

Alright, so there's my jumbled mess of craft pics. I want to try and post here mre often. o can't really promise, but it'd be cool if maybe i could start updating on my film projects...i'm about to start a film class, so there should be plenty to write about. We'll see.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

So she got a present!

it was nearing Christmas, and i had no idea what to get my sister for a present.

finally, i asked her again what she wanted. and it hit me.

She loves 'The Fault In Our Stars' (so do I, but she's got me beat for sure as far as obssesive)


i did this stitch in red because it reminded me of the lines on hospital machines

i added some of my favorite quotes (which she loved) MY favorites because i could remember those

i used some star patterned fabric for the inside flaps

hand embroidered

My sister loves notebook covers.....and this way she can use it for years. I almost couldn't stand to part from it, it's so cool :) i'm very happy with the way it came out.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Erte, Franklin, and sewing.

So a while ago I was reading Franklin Habit's blog The Panopticon, and it was a certain post about some things and Erte, a book of whose fashion sketches Franklin had gotten recently. One of them was a silk knitting bag, and he wanted someone to make one.
Now, i sort of did a bad job, also, it's so NOT made of silk, but it's a good start, and i may make it again and this time with more effort. But now, For Franklin, i give you, how to make that bag!

The original blog post is here.

I started with a piece of slippery fabric, whihc was aprox. 14x12.5 inches

I folded it in half, and sewed it together, right sides together.

Then I flipped it inside out, so that it was...right side out. Yes.

I then took a piece of cardboard, and cut it to fit the material at the bottom (not sure how big that was)
I then started to slowly hot glue the material to the sides of the cardboard.

Once I got all the way around, I flipped it inside out again, and, taking my ruler, sorta laid it on my hand with the ruler on top, and marked with a pen about an inch apart, all the way down (and make sure it's an even number of dots.)  Repeat at each of the four corners.

And it seems I stopped taking pictures there, but basically what I did was take all those marks and cut a small hole at each of them, then, gluing in my ribbons on the inside first, I laced up through the holes.

Now, if I'd make it again, i'd like to make it a) bigger, b) out of real silk, because unless i suppose you iron them (I didn't) the folds don't really stay, c) longer ribbon handles (as this was just a rough draft i didn't really bother), 4)not out of hot glue, e) and maybe grommits or buttonholes instead of just slits in the fabric.

I know this isn't probably what you expected Franklin, but I still think it came out alright.