Saturday, April 12, 2014

Late, and without the pizza

So, not actually pizza, but I don't have any pics for you. I have one, that is on my camera still, but it's just a fun picture, because we have to reshoot.

Not the end of the world (in fact, I'm pretty ok about it, i know what i want more now), but basically what happened is a haircut, and now the main character looks different. Oh well. Today what i need to work on is to work out the schedule, because it's the 12th and i really only have April to film this.

We can do this, i can do this, and my actors and crew can as well.

So what i need to have figure out by next Saturday (at the latest) is what we are filming and when and where, how i will direct/shoot it, what gear we need, and i need to choreograph a big fight scene, as well as probably schedule rehearsals.

I can do this.

Anyway, what i did today was miss the class i was supposed to help teach because of a mix up on when spring break was. But i made it to my other class, and afterwards we had Company and Character pictures for ballet. Company was mainly headshots, because we all get one and a bio in the end of year performances program, and then the Character pictures were us all in costume for The Jungle Book. It's going to be very fun, we are all looking forward to this years performances. (and are they coming up! Opening night is May 17-18 <one of those days, anyway>)

That's it for now! Adiu!

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