Monday, April 7, 2014

Short films

Hello all!

Things have been getting busy for me (though that statement is laughable when I think about what it will be like in a month).

Ballet rehearsals for The Jungle Book have been going on. We aren't to the point of extra rehearsals yet, although we have added a hour and a half one on Saturdays. Once May hits however, a lot of dancing will be happening :)

My film class has been very fun, although occasionally frustrating. We have started working on our final assignments, a film project. It can be whatever we want, it's just a chance to use what we've learned. One of my classmates is making a music video, one is making a promotional video for their parents store, and one is continuing to work on something they have been working on. That's just a few samplings.

What I'm doing is a short film. Currently it's called Into the Woods, and it's going to be 10-20 minutes. I've been in pre-production for the past few weeks, and on Saturday we met to work on costumes and run some rehearsals. There are three main actors, playing Trinity, her roommate Kate, and the bad guy Leo.

We are starting shooting tomorrow! We are going to be at a park, in the wind, with water around our ankles, but it's not a big scene, mainly just a lot of shots of Trinity walking through the woods. We'll just be a bit chilly.

We are planning on taking promotional pictures while we are filming, so I'll have some for you after tomorrow.

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