Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Begining of the Year Clean-Up

So a lot of these pictures are from a year or more ago....i was going to make a craft post about them, but never did, and they have been languishing in my pictures file ever since. I figure, hey, put them out now, then they will be out and up on the blog (FINALLY) and I won't have to keep them on my limited space laptop.(i want these photos, they just aren't ones i use or look at a lot, and i don't have room for pics like that. so, onto the internet they go!)

i made this book for my friend for her birthday a few years ago

this is from a tutorial from Flamingo Toes

i made a few of these....so much fun, and so pretty! this is from 100 Layer Cake

Not sure where i got this, but it was pretty simple: strip of paper, cut lines almost to the end, and then curl them, and wrap around wire.

This is from a tutorial from Karen Kavett. So much fun! this one was for one of my dance teachers.

I tried to spell out my name. D I T A....

Never made the 't' however.....so the other three letters are hidden away on a box I believe

I didn't make this,  but way cool, right?

So i have a collection of wine corks, and i didn't know what to make out of them. A few years ago, found something that inspired me to paint them and make ornaments!

Mrs. Claus

Penguins....made a few of these!

This was going to be a snowman, but i mesed up the dots and then they smeared so i added some more and smeared them and voila! Creepy skeleton

And here's a snowman

I can't find the link for this, but this and all the other card crafts are from a sleepover

It's a Bowtie!

And a notebook!

This is my Ravenclaw Christmas ball

Before the penguins got finished

Not sure what happened to this....I don't have it, adn i don't have any pics of it finished, nor do i remember giving it away. Hmm.

OOH! This was so much fun. i saw something, and i wanted one of my own. So I took way to long to make these (they are a bit time consuming, but worth it!)

I'd totally make these again though if someone wanted a tutorial.

Alright, so there's my jumbled mess of craft pics. I want to try and post here mre often. o can't really promise, but it'd be cool if maybe i could start updating on my film projects...i'm about to start a film class, so there should be plenty to write about. We'll see.

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