Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring is here

And so are the winds. It has been windy lately!  And it’s break month for the HPKCHC group…. Which of course means that I cast on as many things as possible as soon as possible.::rolls eyes::
I’m taking part in a KAL with some fellow Whovians

It’s the Bigger On The Inside Shawl , and it’s awesome. I’ve finished the lace, and for the TARDIS section, where normally you would just knit 12 TARDI across the shawl, I am knitting two TARDI, one at either end, with 10 Daleks on the inside of them. It’s gonna be awesome. I haven’t been working on it lately because I’m reading three charts currently, and that’s hard to concentrate on if, say, you take them to town.
I’ve also finally, actually, really truly cast on the socks for my dance teacher! 

They are coming along, and god are they gorgeous! It took me a while to find the perfect yarn (for some reason, when I originally thought of making socks for Ms. Amber, (a year ago I might add), I had fixed in my mind a grey, lilac, with some darker purple mixed in yarn. I finally found it at the Taos Wool Festival last October. I’m actually sort of amazed that I did). Then I couldn’t find the right pattern. But finally I did (I’m being super picky with these socks). I’m using Georgia on my mind, a pattern by one of the Knit Girllls. I’m aiming to get the socks done soon, as our performance is just in three weeks!!!!
I have been wanting to make a sweater a lot lately, but I didn’t have the yarn. So instead, I’m making a vest.

The pattern’s called Paprika, and it’s not a released pattern yet. I’m test knitting it, and I’m loving it. I really like vests, and I love the way the stripes are coming out (my design modification, as I didn’t think I would have enough yarn. I will, but I think the dark yarn looks nice with the lighter yarn.) I’m nearly done with that as well! I need to knit the back lace, and then the two fronts (the vest is knit as one piece, and then split, to knit the fronts and back separately). I’d already knit the left front, but I got a revised copy of the pattern this morning. Apparently, the shaping for the fronts were reversed in the pattern, so I’ll have to re-knit it. I don’t’ mind, it’s only about 5 inches.
I’m also knitting an iPod cozy for my best friend.
On to my spinning! I went to a wool festival Saturday, and brought home some glorious fiber.

Enchanted by Greenwood Fiber Works, (4 oz 80% superwash merino 20% nylon)
I haven’t started spinning that yet, though I want to. I’m still figuring out spinning, and I’m still trying different ply’s. What I am spinning is a couple things.

(superwash flower bundle)
I got it at the Wool Festival last October, at the silent auction. I had quite forgotten about it.

I’m Navajo spinning it, and at first I thought it might not all fit on the spindle (not really sure how I thought that, there’s so little). So as I spun I would take half of the color, and put it aside, because I really didn’t want to get halfway or almost to the end and then have to start a new skein. Now I’m thinking it will all fit, and so I’m going to go backwards, from purple to blue to green all over again.

 I’m also spinning some white yarn, that I’m working on the second single for. I think it’s going to be a 2-ply.

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