Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

 Hello. Welcome to the year 2013, which is the year of the snake!!

So, i had a sleepover with my friend Madrone the other day.....and we crafted.

We ended up making a lot of stuff with playing cards.... \

(Note: I only have pictures of my stuff, because I forgot to take pictures of me, hers are awesome)
 I made a purse!! I love this purse so much! I am going to be carrying it everywhere!!

I made a clutch as well...... gold inside so you can see, and also, gold is the power color of 2013

I also made a wallet.....very fun, and they look so cool!

And a very nice little notebook.....Madrone found all these tutorials, man is she good!

We also exchanged christmas gifts, and look what she got me!!! I love this ring so much, I haven't taken it off :)

I also started knitting on my sisters socks again, and a class this month with the HPKCHC group, you can turn in WIP's, if they have more then 50 yards to go. I definitely  do.

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