Sunday, December 9, 2012

My dad

My dad turned 58 today. We lit that many candles, though i remember all of us saying that we would no longer do that after 54. I got to carry it to the table, and nearly burned my bangs off my face as the result. Still, it was fun, and i got to go stand outside in the (small, miniscule) snow that was falling, so that the wax could cool down and we could actually eat the cake.

there was a lot of wax. but it looked really nice actually.

 Then we got to take off the wax, and eat the cake, which has pretty much became the birthday cake, as my entire family are chocolate junkies, and we never pass up a good chocolate cake.

 My dad, is an amazing person. He's done a lot in his life, and he's still setting good examples for me and my siblings. He's a joker, but he can also be serious. He's smart, and fair. He knows how engines work and does sound for bands. Really, words cannot describe him. Everything I write, sounds weird and almost false. I guess the best thing i can say is that he is my father, and i wouldn't trade him for the universe.

 Happy Birthday dad. Looking forward to another year with you.

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