Saturday, December 1, 2012

National Novel Writing Month


         guess what?

I won.

Not in the way you are thinking. I didn't reach 50k words this November. I wrote 35,111 words instead. But I did write  "The End". And for me, that's what matters.

I wrote a novel.
 I did something that no one else can do. Sure, there were 300k writers writing alongside me, but I wrote my own story. My unique story.  Sure, the plot's a mess; I need to figure out exactly what the end goal is, but I did it. It has been exhausting and stressful, but it's made me see how good writing every day is. I've got a lot coming soon as well. Stories that I've been working on with other people and I have completely and without guilt neglected these past 30 days. I also need to start updating this blog more.

I can definitely guarantee that I will be doing this again next year.

GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! It's really how I'm feeling right now.  So excited, but also relieved, and now I'm going to go read a book.

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