Friday, October 19, 2012

Back Again

Sorry I've been gone so long.... The past week has been one of recovery from the wool
 fest, and yet my room still isn't clean, I have not even started a project for my
job, (I knit for a local yarn store) and though I have several people signed up for
sponsoring me for NaNoWriMo, only two of them are on the actual sign up sheet. It's been nearly two weeks from the wool festival though, you say. I am trying to
ignore that fact.

 My To Do list today:
Get sawdust (I hate chores)
SOAK BEANS!!! (I have to cook dinner tonight. Again, HATE)
Book list needs updating ( I keep a list of all the books I've read.... I'm going to
see how I do this year, then try and beat it next year...)

  I also wanted to get outside, I need to start a project for my job, pay my mom back,
clean my room, and remember to post this.... And I got an iPod Touch, so naturally I am addicted for that, and I want to put more
music on it....that's what I'm writing this blog post on....

Ok, time to get out of bed, stop procrastinating, and start on that To Do list.....

(PS- I named my iPod LINDA - London Investigators 'N' Detective Agency. I've never
named my electronics before, and I think this is a great first name. If you don't get
 that reference, then stop reading my blog and go and watch Doctor Who, you poor
deprived person!!!!!!!!!)

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